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[AddOn] KO Approach 0.4.3 (FIXED Feb-07-09)


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Hi everbody B)

This is my 1rst addon on this community. Hope that you'll appreciate.

I'll like to give A MAXI BIG UP to ricktendo64, Kels, Kal, Mrs Peels, MrNxDmx & all members of this community who give me strengh, energy to learn & to start this kind of stuff. Thanx so lot. :graduated:

** 2 plugins added :

- InstantWave.dll (Allows you to play audio files of Wave format.)

- Scope.dll (Allows you to preview images of various formats right from KO Approach menus. Formats supported : BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, PCX)



Approach in Tray

KO Approach 0.4.3 created by ID Consulting, LLC

Website : http://www.koapproach.com/

/////////////////////////////////////Approach 0.4.3 AddOn

Btn_Download.png Compatibility_EN.png

Size : 652 KB

MD5 : DC05ED551F296DB311E1A3781FE0864C

/////////////////////////////////////Approach 0.4.3 True AddOn

Btn_Download.png Compatibility_rvmi_EN.png

Size : 615 KB

MD5 : 2F7EB7A9658FE1808460E850F5FDB4F1


Feb.07.2009 :
**Released v.2.0.0

Jan.11.2009 : (for my own use)
** updated v.2.0.0
** cleaning INF file
** removed desktop shortcut
** removed unneeded locales
** FIXED : approach icontray (now it launches after manual install)

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nice addon but ure international langs are strange,why have 3-4 english string sections for different countries that use the same lang,and whats written in those different sections are identical, plus in the russian section its written in english, same for the chinese section.so basically u have eng and fra, so just put 1 section per language and not per country(cause if the country uses the same lang then why duplicate?).n e ways thats just my 2 cents.but its still good work tho.

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Congrats on the first addon, but you've posted it in the wrong forum

Sorry for that and thanx for ur help. :worthy:

@DaRk MaDnEsS

you shared the hole folder

i gonna give it a try now


Thanx. :welcome:



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