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[Request] Donate your old PC parts


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OK guys here goes, I just wanted to start this topic (again!) just to let you know that if you have any old PC parts you don't use anymore and are probably headed to the trash or PC Recycler that you would consider donating them my way :blush:

PC parts are expensive in my country I can always use them for instance: I am trying to fix my moms PC that died a few days ago (needs a mobo for a athlonxp) so anything you may have (literally anything) I am sure I could put it to good use


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I have many to thank on this forum already for donating parts to me before that helped me build a PC and upgrade my old one (the one that no longer works that I gave to my Mom and am trying to repair :()

So thank you guys again


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Got an Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro with 512Mb DDR400 with an AMD Athlon x64 - can't remember what speed but its only a single core

Link: GA-K8N Pro

I will be supplying the MB with all the relevant connectors/IDE cables and back plates that you will need.

This MB is AGP and as I don't have a spare AGP graphics card lurking about maybe someone from the site will be able to donate one.

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WOW! ty AGAIN! yoz

About the grafix, that PC had a G-Force 5 128 MB PCI grafix card (thanks to Kelsenellenelvian) I will test it tomorrow in my pc I think it still works.

Its more than enough power, even supports aero :o

Here were the specs:

MoBo: Biostar M7VIG (Fried by PSU, RIP)

CPU: AMD Duron 2200 1.01GHz (upgraded to Athlon XP thanks to you Sm0k3r, I think it still works)

Ram: 2x256 MB DDR Ram

Grafix: Integrated 64 MB (upgraded to Geforce 5 thanks to Kel)

Storage: 2 HDD's 20+40 GB

Optical: CD-RW (upgraded to DVD-Rom+CD-RW thanks to you again)

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Does anyone got any sdram pc133???

I would dearly like a couple of 512's. (I already got a couple of 256's but would REALLY like to expand with the room given.)

And, YES the mobo can handle it.

I bought a pair of 512's on ebay for 15 dollars

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