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[Addon] IEPro v2.4.5


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Hi all.

I would like to submit IEpro2.4.x Addon.

Actualy, this addon is based on Store88's addon.

Thanks her for this nice addon's base.

Her website is http://my.donews.com/store88/

I have updated the files only.

Use this with Internet Explorer and enjoy its functionalities...

Updated on 07.02.2009 to IEPRO2.4.5

Download link is-


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What the difference between your add-on and johndoe74's ? Just asking, since I think I used to use Store88's addon before it was discontinued (or was it?).

johndoe74's add-on http://www.msfn.org/board/Release-IE7Pro-v24-t123810.html .

Johndoe74's Addon is based on silent installer wheras mine is based on direct integration method.

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Hey, I really like your addon! :)

Only thing I'm missing is international language support.

Although the settings menu gives you the option to download a language packet, it does not seem to work after you have ripped the language files, somehow.

Anyway, my suggestion is to put those files back in (shouldn't blow up the filesize by much) so this addon is among the evergrowing group of international addons on this forum.

While English is no problem for most users, not everone uses an English OS and a unified language of OS and apps is what I call aesthetic ;)

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