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[Release] Drive Space Indicator v5.3.7.6


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do you intend to make an *.cab (DriveSpace_v5.2.3.1_AddOn.cab)file too?
No, the reason I have removed the normal add-on is that it is becoming too difficult to keep up with everything. It is easier for me to keep this working correctly if I only have 1 installer to keep up with instead 3 or 4.

I have enough to do with my life outside the forum that I need to make what I have to deal with as easy on myself as I can make it.... Like I said, I'm sorry if this inconveiences anybody, but this change is for not only my benefit, but to try to stop driving other people up a wall with my forgetfulness....

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What's Changed in v5.3.1.2:

- Icon Theme tab modified so that icons are pulled with negative numbers instead of positive for x64 users only.

- "/NOISO" cmd-line option has been removed

- Virtual drive detection has been removed

- A new line in language file was added to clarify if beta or public release is available.

Other Notes: I've received confirmation from crashfly that the Themes tab does show the icons, however, they are shown at low-resolution. Maybe I can do something about that....

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What's Changed in v5.3.1.4:

- Fixed "/THEME" switch so that it works.

- Fixed help message/error message regarding cmd-line switches so that it's readable.

- Fixed Drives tab so that drive icon shows up on that tab.

Wow.... fastest support i've ever seen... thanks

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Wow.... fastest support i've ever seen... thanks

Very fast! Too bad I compiled my iso without it before the fix :( Guess we were the guinie pigs LordK.lol

Starting a new iso with the update now.

Thanks Dougie.

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What's Changed in v5.3.2.0:

- Wait for CPU Idle percentage > 90% before running 1st loop.

What's Changed in v5.3.3.0:

- Installer writes settings to registry before exiting.

- Shortcuts gets created in Start Menu.

- Added "/NOIDLE" to disable CPU Idle loop.

- Added "/IDLE:[n]" to adjust CPU Idle percentage.

- Added "/NOSC" to disable shortcut creation.

- Added "/SC" to default shortcuts to "Drive Space Indicator" folder.

- Added "/SC:[n]" to put shortcuts in specific folder.

- CPU Idle parameter stored in registry for future use - not changable in GUI yet.

What's Changed in v5.3.3.1:

- Credit for MacGray Icon Theme by BjFrog added to Special Thanks box.

- Credit for CabLite.DLL by Code65536 added to Special Thanks box.

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What's Changed in v5.3.3.3:

- When update time is set to Never, Program tray only shows program name.

- Added "/DELAY:[n]" parameter, where [n] is the number of minutes to wait before starting cycles.

- "/IDLE:[n]" and "/NOIDLE" parameters removed because they were ineffective at solving the Explorer crash.

- Added line "MENU_2I" for "Delay At Startup" menu group.

- Added "Delay At Startup" menu group under "Options" menu.

I set the "Delay At Startup" setting to 2 minutes on my machine and it seems to solve the phantom Explorer crash problem that has been annoying me for soooooo long!


What's Changed in v5.3.3.4:

- Rebuilt program icon so that lower resolutions are pretty like the 48x48 icon.

- Modified interval checking code so that updates get checked when update interval is set to "Never".

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What's Changed in v5.3.3.5:

- Wrote shortcut folder to registry so program doesn't forget when updating.

- Fixed interval loop so Update checking code doesn't get called repeatedly.

- Added Update checking code to Interval Paused loop.

- Updated Italian language file, courtsey of softinformatica! Thanks!

- Fixed an issue with Update checking code to keep program from crashing.

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Update so fast,i just found DSI was installed to temp folder,

but the uninstall shortcut of v5336 still not working,an invalid parameter error was reported.


UNINSTALL parameter seem not work to drvspace.exe

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What's Changed in v5.3.3.6:

- Removed testing code so that installer would launch....

- Added code to try to copy "/DELAY" parameter from install to install.

What's Changed in v5.3.3.7:

- Fixed the launch command throughout the code.

- Fixed the code creating the uninstall shortcut to use "/REMOVE" instead of "/UNINSTALL".

bjfrog: Uninstall issue is fixed....

EDIT: One question, was the Blue theme supposed to replace the VistaBlue theme? Because as nice as the VistaBlue theme is, the Blue theme looks better as VistaBlue....

Everybody: I forgot to include the revised themes that bjfrog at the WinCert forum sent me. So they are now available via Updates.

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i meant that replace current BLUE theme with the new blue icons included in the latest link,all of them created base on windows live drive icon.

the color of current BLUE theme icons doesnt match with most XP theme i feel,so i give them a new cloth,

Personally i more like the new blue icons ,they are in XP default blue color and more vista like,

VistaBlue2,Win7Blue,VistaLanse(pronunciation in chinese),VistaBlua (in german) and some name else are ready for the candidate if you have a plan to give it a new name :D

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Good work, I really like this program.

But, the switch /NOSC does not work. It always puts a shortcut in "\Start Menu\Programs\Drive Space Indicator". It also creates a shortcut for remove dsi, but that doesn't work...... ("...Program Files\Drive Space Indicator\DrvSpace.exe \REMOVE")

And, it leaves the shortcuts behind when uninstalling...

When I use /SILENT /SC:'some folder' this works, no shortcut at Start Menu\Programs\Drive Space Indicator, but it does not remove the shortcuts when uninstalling....

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Beta test of newest version is under way....

bjfrog: No, I don't want to change the name of the theme. "Blue" seems to cover it very well. I just needed to know because it occurred to me (finally) that maybe the Blue theme was supposed to take VistaBlue's place. I know now that it wasn't. Thanks!

Any chance you can find blue icons similar to what the VistaBlue theme contains? The black icons are nice, but all blue icons would be MUCH nicer! Thanks!

NoisySniper: I think I've got the issues fixed.... I'm waiting for confirmation from my beta testers. Thanks for the bug reports!

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I've uploaded 4 revised themes.

(1) and (2) In the Blue and VistaBlack themes, the network icon was updated so that an "X" was present on icon 15.

(3)In the Vista theme, the 24x24 icons were stripped out of each icon.

(4) In the VistaBlue theme, the black icons in that theme were replaced with the corresponding black icons from the VistaBlack theme, as they looked better than the ones that were in it.

I'll post new screenshots tomorrow, as it is my bedtime.

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What's Changed in Version v5.3.4.0: (Released only to Beta Testers!)

- Last update setting removed before running installer via Updates code.

- Updated VistaBlack Icon Theme, courtesy of bjfrog @ WinCert.

- Updated Blue Icon Theme, courtesy of bjfrog @ WinCert.

- Moved next update calculation to Update GUI builder function for speed-up.

- Modified interval loop so that next update date isn't constantly checked if auto updates isn't checked.

- Fixed uninstall shortcut creation by using shortcut creation function correctly.

- Fixed shortcut creation code so that "/NOSC" doesn't create shortcuts.

- Fixed uninstall hanging issue during closing other process.

What's Changed in Version v5.3.4.1:

- Removed all 24x24 icons from Vista theme.

- Updated Blue theme with network icon with X indicating no access (icon #15)

- Updated VistaBlack theme with network icon with X indicating no access (icon #15)

- Replaced black icons in VistaBlue theme with VistaBlack icons because they look better.

- Rearranged menu so that all checkable options are in one menu and all commands are in another.

- Added "Menu_2I1" to replace "Delay At Startup" setting "Never" with "None".

Updated screenshots of the Icon Themes are now available!

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