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Vista "run" commands.


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Windows Vista run commands:

Color Management — colorcpl

Computer Management Launcher — CompMgmtLauncher

Control Panel — control

Credential Backup and Restore Wizard — credwiz

Defragment User Interface — dfrgui

Driver Package Installer — dpinst

Display Adapter Troubleshooter — AdapterTroubleshooter

Encryption File System — rekeywiz

Event Viewer — eventvwr

Firewall Settings — FirewallSettings

Firewall Control Panel — FirewallControlPanel

Help Pane — helppane

iSCSI Initiator — iscsicpl

Iexpress — iexpress

Logoff from Vista — logoff

Language Pack Installer — lpksetup

Microsoft Sync Center — mobsync

Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool — msdt

Optional Features Manager — optionalfeatures

Performance Monitor — perfmon

Presentation Settings — presentationsettings

Printer Migration — PrintBrmUi

Snipping Tool — snippingtool

Software Licensing/Windows Activation — slui

Sound Volume — sndvol

Sound Recorder — soundrecorder

Sticky Note — StikyNot

System Properties — SystemPropertiesAdvanced

User Accounts — Netplwiz

Windows Fax and Scan — wfs

Windows Mobility Center — mblctr

Windows Backup Utility — sdclt

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