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vLite WAIK files installer


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I mean in no way To harm vLite or Nuhi and am in no way affiliated or have ever took part in the proccess of making or distributing vLite and release them (vLite & Nuhi) from any implications of me hosting this file.

Version 1.2


wimgapi.dll, wimfltr.inf, wimfltr.sys for BOTH x86 & x64!

Size 413 kb

You can make this silent by using the /s switch with it.

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Kelsenellenelvian, you saved my day! I registered here just to say THANK YOU for that job! I was pissed off with vLite not recognizing those WAIK files, and to do an slipstreamed Vista, I had to use the 1.1x versions, which have very few options.

I'm reccomending your job to friends which had the same problem, and giving credits for you.

I think that the reason why Nuhi hasn't put those files directly on vLite, is the license of WAIK, or something of the like.


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How are you installing it? Through bat/cmd/runonce? The it would be winfltr.exe /S

Hi Kes,

This is it should MJ says.

Man i've tried now for 2 days to get the fk vLite at work. all the options i came across did not work out. than there is the enoing rar file that isn't there anymore.

i was hopeless untill i search in my native language dutch. then i encountered your topic. Just the thing anyone needs who wants the work with vLite for win7.

Thanks a lot. is simply said but ment from the heart.


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