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DennyMK's wasted space!

Guest DennyMK

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Guest DennyMK
hey! i've been looking for something like this for my seruity in my house. :)

Thanks DennyMK

btw does it work on Vista??? :questionmark:

Sorry, I don't use Vista and I haven't tested it on Vista :boo:

Works on XP. So be the first and tell to the others.

Cheers. :beerchug:

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Guest DennyMK

Screen2Exe 2.1

nf5ff5.jpg v49yzt.jpg

This screen recorder creates instant screen demos, tutorials and presentations with the highest compression ratio. With Screen2Exe screen recorder, you can :

* Record onscreen changes to a self-played EXE file.

* Record mouse movement and clicking.

* Record speech from microphone.

* Support partial recording.

* Get smallest movie file for fast sharing.

* Best quality and Scalable settings.

# Record

* Record onscreen changes

* Record mouse movement and clicking.

* Record speech from microphone.

* High speed. Capture up to 30 frames per seconds with 'Max' mode!

# Edit

* Add text, image and annotation into your recorded video.

* Add zoom in, focus, fade in/out effects.

* Add delay or cut clips.

# Export

* EXE self-play file

* Best quality and Scalable settings

The program allows you to set quality from lossless true color mode to lossy grayscale mode, which helps to get best trade-off between quality and file-size.

# The world's smallest movie files for fast sharing.

Based on advanced, special designed SSCV2 codec, it may have the highest compression ratio in the world compared to other screen recorders. A smaller file is very important when you want to share your demo via the Internet.

Beside the above, it is fast and efficient, occupy less system resources. And the most importantly, SCREEN2EXE is Free!

v2.1 Updates (10/30/2008):

* Support capturing by window.

* Add video title to HTML title.

Licence: Freeware

Requirement: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Author of the program (link): http://www.screen-record.com/screen2exe.htm


md5.png 8F2767EF57919F0CDF05F482BB9996FF

size.png 951 KB


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Guest DennyMK
Hey DennyMK?

Can you please start adding sources to your main posts?

I always add sources in my main posts, either on click-on-first-image, either I post a text with link to the author's site.

I don't know if that's wrong, so if it is, feel free to tell me. :tired:

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Guest DennyMK
thanks man,this program is very usefull that is also free,i like it

You are welcome and I want to say that this tiny program can record with impressive 30 frames per second :thumbsup_anim: .

Enjoy :icon_cool:

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Guest DennyMK

Easy Shutdown 1.0.2

release-1.0.2-0002_th.png release-1.0.2-0004_th.png release-1.0.2-0006_th.png

EasyShutdown is a freeware windows utility for easy instant or delayed restarting, powering down and suspension of your pc. Fast session locking and logging off through the EasyShutdown tray menu prevents unauthorized access to your machine when your system is left unattended.

I found this program very usefull for me (because I often forget to turn off my PC :sleeping: )

System Requirements

# Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

# Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 or greater

Licence: Freeware

Author of the program: www.fictionsoftware.com


md5.png B42545A8A0896273853E1B3F1A987750

size.png 268KB


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Guest DennyMK

Flexcrypt Free 2008


5 encryption solutions:

* Text (copy / paste)

* Email

* Files (right-click)



You have the right to protect yourself against intrusions on your personal integrity.

In order to guarantee that your electronic communication is kept safe from prying eyes, it must be encrypted. This is not done unless you take action and start using encryption software!

Flexcrypt is a smart encryption toolbox offering 5 different encryption options; Text, Email, Files, MSN and ICQ. It is possible to encrypt and decrypt Texts and Files Online (see online section of webpage), for automatic Email, MSN and ICQ encryption, Flexcrypt must be downloaded and installed.

Encryption is done by AES 256bit algorithm and a password entered by you.

Flexcrypt is developed to meet the encryption needs of private users and is True-free, no hidden charges or limited test period. Professional users must purchase a Biz or Pro version.

Flexcrypt Free is an easy way to get to know the Flexcrypt software at no cost.

Once you've seen what Flexcrypt can do and experienced its simplicity, you can upgrade to Flexcrypt Biz or Pro to take advantage of safe, encrypted communication with a greater number of recipients and other extra features.

Flexcrypt does not (yet) work with MS Exchange or Lotus Notes.

On-line manual

E-mail encryption video

Text encryption video

MSN encryption video

File encryption video

Note: After the first start of the program it ask for registration (it's free) and it will continue to ask everytime you restart your PC (if you don't register). So, you can add any name and register it, than will stop asking ;)

Licence: Freeware

Author of the program: www.flexcrypt.com


md5.png 36934C6392D05693EFAAD36A2EC40C85

size.png 11.7MB


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Guest DennyMK

FastStone Image Viewer 3.7


FastStone Image Viewer is a fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. It has a nice array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping and color adjustments. Its innovative but intuitive full-screen mode provides quick access to EXIF information, thumbnail browser and major functionalities via hidden toolbars that pop up when your mouse touches the four edges of the screen. Other features include a high quality magnifier and a musical slideshow with 150+ transitional effects, as well as lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, image annotation, scanner support, histogram and much more. It supports all major graphic formats (BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA) and popular digital camera RAW formats (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, SRF and DNG).


* Image browser and viewer with a familiar Windows Explorer-like user interface

* Support of many popular image formats:


* True Full Screen viewer with image zoom support and unique fly-out menu panels

* Crystal-clear and customizable one-click image magnifier

* Superior Red-Eye effect removal/reduction with completely natural looking end result

* Image modification tools: Resize/resample, rotate/flip, crop, sharpen/blur, brightness/contrast, etc.

* Eleven (yes, 11) resampling algorithms to choose from when resizing images

* Image color effects: gray scale, sepia, negative, Red/Green/Blue adjustment

* Image special effects: watermark, annotation, drop shadow, framing, bump map, lens, morph, waves

* Multi-level Undo/Redo capability

* One-touch best fit/actual size image display support

* Image management, including tagging capability, with drag-and-drop and Copy To/Move To Folder support

* Histogram display with color counter feature

* Compare images side-by-side (up to 4 at a time) to easily cull those forgettable shots

* Image EXIF metadata support (plus comment editing for JPEGs)

* Configurable batch processing to convert/rename large or small collections of images

* Slideshow creation with 150+ transition effects and music support (MP3, WMA, WAV...)

* Create efficient image attachment(s) for emailing to family and friends

* Print images with full page-layout control

* Create fully configurable Contact Sheets - just like the pros (and save $$$ on ink)

* Create memorable artistic image montages from your family photos for personalized desktop wallpapers (Wallpaper Anywhere)

* Acquire images from a scanner

* Versatile screen capture capability

* Powerful Save As interface to compare image quality and control generated file size

* Run favorite programs with one keystroke from within Image Viewer

* Create a no-install fully portable version of the program which can be run from a removable storage device

* Configurable mouse wheel support

* Supports multiple program skins

* Supports dual-monitor configurations

* And much more...

Licence: Freeware

Release date: 20 jan 2009

Author of the program: www.faststone.org


md5.png 6758989FB4965B39A5F8A24BFA976EC7

size.png 4.04MB


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Guest DennyMK

Auslogics System Information


Auslogics System Information provides comprehensive and easy to understand information about your system configuration.

It will show hardware configuration, video-card information, OS details, list of running processes, and other information. This information can be saved as a file and sent to technical support.

Get To Know Your Computer

With hardly a stumble, this freeware utility quickly collects and reports information about your system. The program's multipage interface is logically ordered, easily navigated, and sortable. You will especially enjoy the last, as columns on each page can be immediately sorted with quick clicks on category headers. The simple and advanced modes are very similar and most users tend to choose the latter.

Auslogics System Information is both reliable and comprehensive; both primary requirements of this genre. It's also quick. Total system scans took seconds on our test machines. Fourteen categories of information, ranging from hardware to operating system are logically displayed.

Why Auslogics System Information?

Unlike other similar products, Auslogics System Information has many advanced features. Information from pages can be placed on the clipboard with a single click. Creating a report for your IT department couldn't be easier as you merely choose HTML, XML, or plain text and press a single button. Visual charts and diagrams will help evaluate the state of your computer.

Auslogics System Information received highest ratings from users and editors on Download.com alike and has been featured in multiple US / UK / Australian and European magazines. This freeware information-gathering tool is fast, comprehensive, and reliable, and recommended for all users wishing to know more about their computer internals.

7/Vista/2008/XP/2000/2003, 32-bit and 64-bit and dual-core CPU supported

Release date: 26-jan-2009

Licence: Freeware

Author of the program: www.auslogics.com


md5.png A486FDA46BF26A2BCD3D1F082625CA14

size.png 2.36MB


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