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[Desktops] January 2009


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hi guys ...

some of you asking what I'm using on my desktop

it's Winstep Xtreme v8.11 .... it does it all ... it's comprised of Nexstart; Workshelf: and Nexus.

The package gives me my gadgets .... and docks ... start panel and windows 7 taskbar ...all customisable with transparency and sound effects ..... different themes available for it.

I have used Aero Low Resolution Theme which I customised a little .... I altered its start button ...and dock theme ..... dock icons I made myself .....wallpaper,....had a while...think it was deviantart I got it ...I customed that a bit too ... had black band at bottom.....removed that for the taskbar to show better.

I was using windowblinds with objectdock and Vista Sidebar .... but I've done away with that stuff now ... Winstep does it all .... 0% cpu and nearly 0 ram..... and very stable, had no running glitches.

This is a little "Play Me" video below:-


:thumbsup_anim: :rolleyes:

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