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[Request] IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU-RC1

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It is the reason, those are the reasons,



sorry for my English, Regarding the beta 2, since I was a beta idea to do this addon to test it in odo and others, that in the final version have a good addon, or tried to do and also the age 2, and noted that the versions do not change little, u example file from %programfiles%\internet explorer, was moved to the system32, so the changes seen since it was normal for them needed to review everything from before, but this is too long, and at this point decided that the work done only in the final version.

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OnePiece is right. There were too many changes between beta1 and beta2. Some files were removed some files were added. But i cant wait till its final, lol.

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work OnePiece. You're number one of your different style, and me like it ;)

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Hello MrNxDmX, we will tell the truth and the fear that they will change even the Final (remember it was thought the final release of the december, this delay is not a good sign), and so lost and work hmmmmm, but I like to see make IE8 removable, it really work too, are thousands of rigge be tested, but if you think it will be nice also true addon and removable later.

as I said, I found some difficulty in the free time, and that only in this final fate or even the windows live messenger addon, if you do the beta 2, it will be good ;) because we already useful answers from those who use the addon.


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