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The reason I opened this thread is because only moderators and admin have the ability to open new threads in this forum, per my request. If you would like to discuss things related to XP Theme Source Patcher, but NOT directly related to a particular thread, here is the place to do so. If you need to discuss things relating to a particular XPtsp theme, do so in the CORRECT thread!!!

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Well Dougiefresh, first of all i love your work :wub_anim: and hats-off to you.Now regarding my problem i am also facing the same kind of problem as Mtek01 is facing.I have also nlited the xp by slipstreaming service pack 3 and if i want to integrate your Xptsp GUI v1.4.6.0 or any previous build iam getting the same error as (The selected folder does not contain the xp installation source files).I am running vista, i think under vista patching is not working.Please help me.

In my previous post i requested for adding ubericon effects, thanks for accepting my request and sorry for using all capslock in my previous request.

This time also i want to request you for some new features in your pack, as i love your pack and i wish that only if possible

please try to add Welcome Centre for xp like vista, Fast aero, Windows_7_Property_Dialog_4_XP_by_pri2sh.Once again please accept this request if possible, i think others will also love it :wub_anim: .

Thanks and keep going your awesome work. :thumbsup_anim:



Sorry for double post it happened accidentally

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Preview of New Page 6 and Control Panel Tabs:

Page6.JPG Page20f.JPG _2__Page20g.JPG

On Page 6 and CPL applet, Preview image shown is the same images that the forum shows. Clicking on the preview image opens up a web page that shows the larger image. The drop-down menu shows the available resource packages that are available, with a (*) besides those packages that have already been downloaded and are available for use. If a package is selected but not already downloaded, the GUI will download the package and place a copy in the same folder as the installer.

Feedback and/or feature requests are requested about the new CPL page.

Mr_Smartepants: I've fixed the issue with the CAB folders. It'll be in the next release.

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