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ist possible to install Vlited Vista from harddisk?


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Hello everyone,is that be possible to install a Vlited Vista from a harddisk partition

i have tried but no success,i think this will save much more time and no more need to burn and burn, for another reason my DVD burner is just dead :sweatingbullets: :confused02:

help is always appreciated


i had tried out the full version from harddisk,it worked,but a vilited sources dont work

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Well, maybe, Vlite uses bootcode, which isn't working with Started Windows

excatly i meant do a fresh installation from a vlited sources via a PE bootable media

ie. my vlited sources is located in e:\vlitework\sources\install.wim

Boot machine using a bootable media,apply the install.wim from the location to the formatted partition that the vlited Vista is ready to be installed.

imagex /apply sourcePath\install.wim "flag" c:

then using bootsect or else make that partition bootable, then... just a thought,

these will save time and no need burning an install disk,no need buy a new one if DVD burner dead ;)

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In the course of operation with vlite donot remove manual install.You can install from the hard drive.Dont make iso image.

Why even wa to test something you dont know works .. If you want to make a Economy way to install buy a 8 GB USB Flash Pen ,. Copy your Windows Vista Install files over there and boot from that .. The other method, to use your harddrive i would think its bad idea. Especially if the Harddrive fail under installation ..

Or better yet install Virtual PC from Microsoft its Free - VirtualBox - VMware 30 Days Freetrial - That would probaly save you much time .. and you dont mess up your Normal installation of Vista so the bootsector is intact if the install fail.

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in my experience i found out it is better to create an iso image rather than burn directly to cd. When you burn directly to cd, the vLite reports that "image would not fit into the cd" but i found out that if the iso image is a little more than 700mb it still fits the cd if you burn it using nero.

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