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[Addon] Windows MediaPlayer 12 for XP (English)


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Windows MediaPlayer 12 Addon for XP

Big thanks to bogo-d and fediaFedia for the wmploc.dll :)


This addon will install mediaplayer 11 with the look of mediaplayer 12 to XP

MD5: 25945E2C355FBF96151BA3AF71421A6F

Size= 18.2mb




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I saw this when fediafedia 1st released this, its almost exactly! like the Windows 7 Media Player

Hi rick, yeh fediaFedia done an amazing job!!! :thumbsup_anim:

P.S Rick keep in touch bro, your hard to get a hold of on yahoo :)

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Is this upgradeable? If Microsoft pushes a Windows Media Player 11 hotfix, will the hotfix install properly without ruining this? I would assume that there would be some situations in which an upgrade could revert the appearance to more of a WMP11 look (by replacing DLLs that contain the resources that make the pretty colors and whatnot). If this were to happen, would the user wind up with a half-11, half-12 look, depending on which resources have been replaced by the hotfix?

I'd rather not use this if security updates are going to send everything to Hell in a hand-basket.

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