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ported applications from Win Vista to WinXP


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Good afternoon, has taken into head as it is possible to execute carrying over of applications from one operating system in another.

Since at a forum saw similar appendices, hope that will turn out to find the help in this point in question.

Well or at least references, to the literature.

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Well i can say in the common and simplest way, to port a Vista app to other platform (e.g Xp, in this case), make sure it meets the required (new) APIs and dependencies (since Vista has come with many of them) e.g .Net Framework 2.0/3.0 and DirectX10 and don't forget the original Vista app that special designed to execute in Vista OS, the PE header is noticeably different with the one for Xp (remember error message like "not valid 32 executable" while you try launching the unpatched Vista app on Xp?) so we have to "patch" it i.e using Alky or any other effort before

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