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Graphics in Shell32.dll and others


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I was looking through Shell32.dll with reshacker and would like to know where the dialog graphics are stored and whether or not they can be extracted and edited and then inserted back.

Many Thanks


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Hi ccl0

Thank you for your reply, i am hoping to make it part of the project once i have done everything else i want to do with the project.

If you would like to Beta test it then go to the link below. Please leave any feed back in my forum.




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lol well i just tried to send you a pm about it but it kept hanging and i dont think it went through, so heres a copy and paste of the message:

in regards to your question, i think i know someone who might could help.

this guy here http://thekustomizer.deviantart.com/ probably the most knowledgeable person i know. he has an entire site about mods etc http://des.virtualplastic.net/

maybe you could ask him if he knows how to do what you were asking. if anyone would he probably would

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which OS r u talking about??

Vista doesn't have much resources in shell32.dl it is in imgres.dll (spelling may be wrong)

XP's resource is in shell32.dll

Vista does, however, it has some resources in some .mui files (in "en-us" folder) i.e some strings, icons, bmp etc with exactly the same names (but with .mui extension). Unlike Xp, one of the main purposes is people can always edit the resource easily or language without tampering the main file (e.g dll/exe) or its digital signature

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