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error 800b0100 with unattended installation

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Hi Folks, recently had problems trying to create an XP SP3 unattend CD and had a code error 800b0100 all the time at 39 minutes with a rebooting loop! Thought it was an addon fault or trying to integrate IE8 but after few days of research I found out why. I'm using Nlite to slipstream my stuff then add my own modified Cpl, Bmp, Exe and Dll files right after. The nasty one was my "Syssetup.dll" who had different icons resolution than the original ones. Used "Resource Hacker" to compare, extracted every resources, modified the 15 different Icon Group to match the same resolution as the originals with "IconWorkshop" then reinjected them and got everythings working fine. So Syssetup Bitmaps and Avi files were modified too but it was only the Icon Group resource who did mess up my installation. I saw different error 800b0100 when googled it and none of them as to do with this problem so that's why I opened this topic... Hope it will help someone!

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Hi Rick, many thanks for your advice. I was already warned about the Shell32 problem 'cause it happened to me 2 years ago. The one I use is 18,3 Mo and had trouble when it was up to 19 Mo. I suppose my Syssetup.dll was patched I guess except if Nlite didn't do it at the time for some reason... **** happens sometimes. Have to go now and thanks again, it's always a great pleasure to read from you. ;)

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