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I am interested in finding out what this hive file is for and what it does, i have searched on google but came up with nothing.

If anyone has any info on this file or a link please i would be very greatful.

Many Thanks


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You will find 5 HIVE*.INF files uncompressed in your i386 folder, they are added right after textmode setup just before it reboots into gui part of the setup and are basically the windows registry "hive".

They are given names depending on what part of the registry there for example:




You get the idea

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I just tried installing xp on a laptop of a firends

they did know what was wrong with it.

most of the files couldnt not copy

at the very end when i thought widows would still load

I got this error

Line 0 of hive.inf is coruupted

is this fixable ?

or should I just get a new Drive for it? or what

any advice would be greatly appreciated

thank you

Rose 13

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