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info: visual style creation


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recommended tools:

- ResHacker or Restorator or Anolis Resourcer for hacking windows DLL files and editing the shellstyle.dll for themes

- or StyleBuilder (www.tgtsoft.com): for making the Visual Styles (TGTSoft seems to have gone out of business since their website is gone now)

- some kind of paint/image editor like photoshop or paint.net etc

here are 2 sites with lots of useful information:

Logon UIFile Secrets



some stylebuilder tutorials:

(old but might still be useful)

stylebuilder basics

Stylebuilder tips


visual styles for Windows Vista and Windows 7: Link


visual styles for Windows XP: Link

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even though its old, and hasn't been updated since like 2006, i still prefer stylebuilder. its easier for me to work with, b/c its more visual than pe explorer etc

stylebuilder isnt perfect though. still some quirks with the program, and i've got a feeling that it won't ever be updated again.

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