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[Release] CAD 2009 EDITION


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Here is CAD 2009 EDITION v1.2



So far the cad 2009 is some what functional. But the Ease of Access, and The Password Controls. Thanks to DeathShot39 for the images that I needed fixed, I still have images on it that could still use some work, So far Deathshot39 gave me some good images with the mouse down buttons also which I didn't have also with alpha transparency thanks deathshot39. I might do some screen recording with cam studio so you all can see how it looks and runs. it may look really good, it will be posted on youtube. which the link will be found on HomePage:


CAD 2009 EDITION is a Crtl, Alt + Del replacement. Vista style!

Make sure you have Segoe UI fonts installed for the perfect look.

If it does not work check if you got COMDLG32.OCX in the system32 dir.


Its best to run the Configuration CAD 2009 before you uninstall CAD 2009.

Running Configuration CAD 2009 you will see something like this: C:\Program Files\CAD 2009 EDITION\cad2009.exe

Just remove that line and hit save. If you dont do this you're Ctrl, alt + del function won't work anymore!!

You can alsow use this to restore de default Ctrl, alt + del function:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\taskmgr.exe]

Save as a regfile and run it.

HomePage: http://flawless02.deviantart.com/

Install via Svcpack, at 13min stage.

MD5 hash: 552799164BEA9BB65C8CCF48EBE0F00A

File Size: 1.85 MB (1,942,850 bytes)

Download CAD 2009 here:

Credits go to: flawless02 and DeathShot39

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@UtCollector ....

nice little application ... I downloaded and installed and it runs fine although when you uninstall it,

it's a bit messy .... uninstaller leaves CAD 2009 Edition folder behind, with Configuration.exe inside it .... and worst thing, leaves taskmgr screwed until the reg fix applied.

anyway I like it ... so, I remade the addon and fixed the uninstall, so that all removed, and taskmgr reg entry gets returned to normal during uninstall....I changed some bmp's png's and icons to suit my desktop, but you are welcome to the addon if you want it .... and you could replace bmp's and stuff to your liking.

anyway, like I said ..... nice application :thumbsup_anim:

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The installer and uninstalling problem is not my fault. it's just the way inno setup works. which I did try to see if there was some sort of script like crap to fix the registry installing and uninstalling the project. and leaving the folder there. that also sucks I know. Im not to happy with the installer methods either.

I dont know why there is a Configuration.exe in the folder, I didn't do that.

the COMDLG32.OCX is only for the configuration program, for browsing for the cad2009.exe... The cad 2009 edition does not use that ocx. but does use pngloader.ocx

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I just got it installed, and I don't understand it.

It seems like you can mod the installer and uninstaller doing scripts. but these would be the things I want it to install.

During Install:

#1 Install the debugger method.

#2 The new cad 2009 edition may start up next time when the computer loads, the code will be put in the registry, when they click Lock this computer for protection, I want it to delete that string if it exist.


#1 Remove the taskmgr.exe key that links with debugger and the path to the cad2009.exe

#2 Remove the start up method if it exist.

#3 Remove everything on uninstaller, where it will delete all files, and the main folder, that the installer created.

If your good at making this would you help me for next releases?

The main real installer is listed at http://www.flawless02.deviantart.com

Shout back.

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Thanks UtCollector for this.

The only thing not so nice is the uninstaller part.

I have make an uninstaller to intergrate into your package.

This uninstaller will properly uninstall CAD 2009 EDITION v1.2 from post#1.

To uninstall CAD2009, just run from Add/remove panel.

To integrate into your pack, dl the files into it's svcpack folder, then

edit Entries_CAD2009.ini by adding

CAD2009Uninstall.exe <----Add new entry here


Size: 306.56 Kb (313,915 bytes)

MD5: D7A5E7F081FFC5E12130A37C27783F5B

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The installer and uninstalling botheration is not my fault. it's just the way inno bureaucracy works. which I did try to see if there was some array of Software like applesauce to fix the anthology installing and uninstalling the project. and abrogation the binder there. that aswell sucks I know. Im not to blessed with the installer methods either.



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Well this will be making a come back! :)

Im gonna fix it up alot more, and I have people asking me to do some things yet.

So I guess v1.6 will not be the final

One of the things im really gonna try to do is add the sound files into a resource file and combine the wav's into the cad2009.exe

makes it more fun for people to use resource hacker to mod it :P

im gonna try to add the hand cursor into it as well with the sound files, I thought about the background images but ill look into to see

if it is even possible.

So yeah, im just letting you all know it's comming back.

oh yeah almost forgot, since it's 2010 I might change it to cad 2010 edition

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