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Windows Xp Complete Security Guide


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Windows Complete Security Guide

Everything You need to keep Windows Running Fast, Safe, Secure, And Virtually Error Free Will be layed out right before your eyes! The 10 Keys to PC Safety

Part 1: Microsoft Update. NOW!

Microsoft Update are the best source for updating your windows OS and Microsoft Office Products. having the latest update, will usually mean, better performance and/or security, the update was made for a reason!

To see if you have the latest version of your software go the the Microsoft Update website and follow the on screen instructions!

Part 2: Anti-virus Software

USE ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE! Anti-virus software protects your computer from viruses, Worms, Trojans and other miraculous software! This is a MUST if you have a computer with the Internet, and if your reading this ON A COMPUTER, you do.

The best anti-virus titles Include...

Now those are all "pay-for" anti-virus software titles. Cant afford that? NO PROBLEM!

The best FREE anti-virus titles include...

Now, before you install anti-virus software be sure to make sure you select one you really like because YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE! Installing more than one anti-virus software may cause a overload of your system over time!

for more free and pay for antivirus software go here

OK, you picked one and installed it, kool! now update it!

  1. Right Click you anti-virus Software's Logo in the system tray.
  2. Click Update.
  3. Follow the instructions

(You must be connected to the Internet to update your anti-virus software)

Now, ur updated! so Run a Scan! and Run a scan every week for the REST OF YOUR LIFE MUHAHAHAHA!

and I'm not kidding! But if your a forgetful person your anti-virus software more than likely has some kind of scheduling options! if it doesn't, i explain how to set up scheduling later in this guide!

now we all know computers code and software code is flawless, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol: , oh my, that was funny (if you cant understand my computer geek humor that was a joke) Computer and software code is always flawed! So it is always good to have a backup to see if your anti-virus software is working properly and picking up all the viruses on your system! every month or so, do a on-line virus check! These checks are free and are totally web based! and will remove viruses on your system! BUT they are not substitutes for anti-virus software!

The best and most comprehensive online scanner is...

Microsoft Safety Center

Its a complete tuneup/safety service! It checks for mailware, spyware, regestry errors, system clutter, Open network ports, if you have all your windows updates and more!

Part 3:Build Your Firewall (be careful, HOT!)

Use a firewall! (not windows firewall :} )

Firewalls Keep People (hackers) from accessing your documents, files, and it just makes your computer safe!

You can go buy a firewall but... there is no point! Use an free on-line firewall!

For more firewall titles, take a look Here

Firewalls usually only need updating by-monthly! It will tell you when its time to download updates! don't worry! That wraps it up for firewalls!

Part 4:Staying Spy-ware Safe!...starting to wonder if I'll ever finish this

Spy-ware are little programs that watch everything you do, and can slow down your computer dramatically! And you may not even know you are installing them!

*dims the lights* Its VIDEO TIME!, you didn't think i was going to bore you with my talking the whole time did you? Watch the Spyware Video

hope you learned allot from the video! Now toward the middle of it they say "some software that easily got rid of it" Well there are may of them out there but, the one i think works the best!

Windows Defender If you want some other antispyware titles take a look here.

Part 5:Registry Cleaners/System Optimization Software

Many people just brush these things aside and don't take them seriously! Well its time to! By my standards THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. They should be used on a regular basis! And a scan should be run EVERY WEEK! They keep your system running fast! Almost Like new!

Free Registry Cleaner Titles Include

more registry cleaner titles may be found here(Not guaranteed to be free)

System Optimization Software Titles Include

Ask around for some more system optimization software.

Improve your log off time!

Make your log off fast! download the UPH Cleaner

Regestry tweeks(advanced)

Your can tweek your windows regestry to make it run faster, i dont recommended if your a n00b! Tweakes webiete

Improve your Internet connection speed!

Google web accelerator Is a excellent tool for boosting your Internet connections speed!

Part 6: GET RID OF THOSE!, temp files!

Whenever you go on the Internet or even open windows explorer, your PC makes a note that you did that. Now think...every time you click a link, go to a new page, or do anything that another note, eventually, they begin to add up and, take up space! so lets get rid of them!

Make Windows Dump Your History After a day

start>control panel>Internet options

where it says "specify how many days Internet explorer should save the list of the websites you you have visited" set it to 0 or 1 or 2 (use 1 or 2 only if you count on your history alot to find sites you visited). Now if you need to get a site it will still be there for the day but after 23:59 hrs your History will erase itself.

But thats only half the Battle!

Theres allot more notes that you didn't get rid of! But its CCleaner to the rescue! It scans your system for temp files and cleans out all the Junk! you should run this every week. Theres only one problem, sometimes ccleaner doesn't catch it all and needs a little help to completely clean out your temp folder! so in CCleaner go to the options section and click custom and add "C:\windows\temp". Now its all squeaky clean!

Get rid of all Norton software...

I find Norton anti-virus to be an absolutely useless product. This utility will remove all Norton products from your computer. It can be downloaded here

Part 7:Time To organize all that!

Now that you cleaned out all that junk you don't need, sort what you want and put it away, so its easier to find later! That what disk de-fragmenting is! Taking all your files and stuffing them in one closet so you can find them faster, well thats how you can think of it anyway. Not only will it help your computer retrieve your files faster, it will prolong the life of your hard-disk! You can de-fragment your drive by going, start>all programs>accessories>system tools>disk de-fragmenter. And click de-fragment!

There are many more programs which will de-fragment your drive, you can see them here

Part 8:Schedule it!

Windows can easily set up all these scans to happen on their own! When you say so!

To set this up go>Start<control panel>Scheduled Tasks>Double Click "add a new task" and the wizard will walk you threw it!

Part 9: The More The Merrier

The more RAM Your have! the faster your system will run and the more you can do! If you have less than 128mb, get more!

Part 10: Ask a geek (thats where WinCert comes in)

Don't be afraid if you need some help! Thats what were here for! So ask away!

But be sure to keep irresponsible people off the computer and only give put a remote assistance invite to people you know/trust, even then, be careful


Thats right! OR! you can avoid ALL of that in this one OR, its simple! the secret is.. just use Faronics Deepfreeze The only thing with this is, you must partision your docs and settings folder in a different partision and keep this partision thawed when it askes what you want to freeze. You MUST do this if you ever want to save anything again

That was a quick 3 hours! :blink:

if i forgot anything let me know!

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I just started installing AVG and stuff on my computers. Just to see what I was missing out on (I'v never really installed anti-virus/malware/adware programs because I never really needed them.

I installed them, and what I had been doing all along was just fine. Spybot search and destroy, Ad-aware SE personal, AVG never found any problems when doing a full scan. I'll keep them on here just in case, but I don't think I really needed to install them.

Thanks for the guide none-the-less. (I know it's an old topic, but its a sticky :P)

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I'm currently looking into securing my laptop PC. I'd like to get a software firewall that uses less than 10mb of ram, and won't slow down my PC. I've tried Comodo and Zone Alarm Firewall, but they really slow down my start up speed (ZoneAlarm slowed down my system to about 30 seconds more than the already 45 seconds to boot up.) So, with a PII 366 and 128MB of ram, what firewall would be a good one for me? I'd rather not install a ton of different ones just to test because I finally have this system running the way I want it.

If anyone knows a good one, lemme know :P

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Thanks, I'll take a look :)

I've just downloaded Outpost, and I installed Ghostwall about 10 minutes ago. What are your thoughts on these two if you've had experience.

Edit: Well, it looks as though AVG's Firewall is not free :( So that's out of the question (I don't buy things online). If there's any others that are worth mentioning, let me know.

I might have to drop this machine back to Windows 2000 Pro, that way im only using 32MB of ram.

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I have used a lot of security programs, ZOne Alarm Pro Suite, Nod2 and the new Nod 32 beta, AVG Pro and AVG free, Adaware. Sptbot Search and Destroy, Bitdeffender. I still new to this and it takes time. I have also run them side bty side and found that Zone Alarm has picked up things a few seconds faster than Nod32 and AVG. I wasn't happy with Bitdefender, it seem to slow my PC down more than the others. Nod32 beta has a firewall and antispyware now and a more GUI interface.

I have tried all kinds of registry cleaners, CCleaner, System Mechanic, AShampoo, Desktop Mechanic, Desktop Maestro. Still a little unsure which is better.

In your opinion, what is the best to use for all of the above issues. Not worried about if it is a free version or not.

I have never used Faronics Deepfreeze. Never heared of it. Will check the site out etc.

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