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Free Softwares with all legal serials!


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Weather u know or don't know about http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ .

It's website that provides all new softwares legally every day for any users free completely.

they r providing softwares legally with collaboration with respective publishers.

u can know about them here http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/about/

and.. this site is not related to warez or illegal stuffs.

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I've been a registered member of it for six months. Please just beware, sometimes (rare) they give some unpopular giveaways which are actually spywares or adwares. Overall it's still a nice site, very helpful :D

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Here is another legal site which is offering some free sharewares (giveaways/promo) legally without time restriction, (exception for the special offer that expired after some hours or days/maybe longer or shorter either), daily updated with notification, at least it's not only for one day but usually more longer, unlike GAOTD and you can reinstall and activate the apps as many as you want on your machine just like the full versions as well as the EULA said of course hehe:

For Free on Internet:


Btw even i ever got a legal genuine Winzip 12 Standard + license for free once from there and still many etc :thumbsup_anim: , again just for another additional info here guys anyway

...hopefully useful for you cya

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