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My reviews of Antivirus softwares


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Here is my reviews of some of antivirus and which antivirus is good for me.


As u know there is lots of virus coming out daily. If ur connected to internet than probability of getting virus is very high.

I used some of the antivirus and among those this i liked NOD32. The reason why.

Norton AV.

This seems to give lots of false alarm and uses lots of memory for operation. Scan is also slow. In some old pc it makes pc so slow that u choose to keep virus than antivirus.


It is very naggy and display which app is lauched what it is doing etc.. this is make really angry and makes u turn it off. Similarly it consumes lots of memory while scanning making pc slow and scan is also not so fast.


This is the best antivirus i think. I have been using this now and using other av instead of this was my mistake.

This uses very less memory in comparision of other while scanning as well as while running in backgrounf .it is not naggy like kaspersky and scan is also fast. Time to boot for it is also fast.It doesn't even feel like there is AV running in my pc while using nod32.So i don't need to turn it off while playing games. this is reason why I choose NOD32. And after going to eset's "why eset?" i think i can trust on nod32.

here is some of why eset images:






u can also go to eset.com to know about more.

if u think i should not use nod give me reasons. And say which AV I should use

; this are my true reviews of antivirus and i am not promoting any antivirus.

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Would have been interesting to see avast in there.

i was thinking of using avast but after seeing eset's why eset.. i didnot use any other a.v and directly downloaded nod4 .. ( as had also previously used nod )

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Guest snakecracker

lol at least you know your safer with 2 programs then just the one...

but i think they would be fighting over who has more control over the firewall and stuff......


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I have just reformated my PC and i just have outpost free as firewall and no AV, i use scan on demand like virustotal or others.

Before, i used Avira Antivir, seems to be the best free AV around.

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i won't switch to other AV now.. i will stick with nod32.. i think it is not that much resource hungry..i have also been using this since v2

I have also been using it from v2, and now its at v4 and there have been ALOT of changes. Much better scanning speeds, really good virus definition base, doesn't flash to many false positives (compared to others, almost none). I wont change av until something better comes out.

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