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Busy server

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I keep getting board messages when i sometimes try and load wincert forum. It first says the server is busy and to try again in a moment, then i get page cannot be displayed and when it comes back on it says IPS Driver error, its only down for bout 10mins and everything is fine again.

I had it yesterday and twice today :)

"Sorry, the server is too busy to handle your request, please try again in a moment"

lol just had it again when i tried to post this topic (make that 3 times) :D

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I've set up that limit once the server has a high load, just to avoid already seen problems with our host.

Sorry, but until we move to a stronger (read more expensive) server, it has to stay this way :(

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I would move this site to dedi server if there's more kind people with donations like you are.

Honestly, hands down to you. You are a contributor with W7T project and you're also a sponsor!

I can only say a big Thank You!

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