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OMFG I was in a 7.1 earhquake


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I was watching some TV around 2:30 AM when it hit, I felt every second of it from beginning to end and man was it BIG and Looooooooooooong lasting. The ground outside was like standing on a water bed and somebody on the other end pushing up and down trying to knock you off, I could barely stand up

I have been in hurricanes & allot of small earthquakes (we feel them all the time) this is a much worst experience, at least with hurricanes you can prepare

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Guest snakecracker

OMG is everythink okay now?

and i'm glad your okay mate :)

I wouldn't know how scary it would of been for you!

Never been in a earthquake and i don't think i want to be in one.

just be ready for some after shocks tho... they tend to come after a big one.

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This is getting crazy, just had another huge one two minutes ago...was not a 7.1 but I guess it was in between a 5.5 and 6.5, will have to wait on the news to see if I am close

OMG, run away Rick, move to Croatia! :)

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