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Please help with Eset SS 4


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Hello, i need a help..Eset 4 is so /g/o/o/d/ :giveheart: , but it's firewall is just a *wrong* side of best products, -no HIPS, no IPS, dont block 20 % of attacks from a single port!All i need from ESET is Antivirus, Antispyware, Anti :hatespam: ,System Tools and superboosted performance...I'm not good at modyfing setup(especially MSI) and i dont know how to install ESset without Firewall...!HELP! I know all of you is smart :thumbsup_anim: !!

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It would almost be impossible to do it too, because the GUI is built for the firewall plus all of the other stuff (anti-spam, tools...). In the end it probably wouldn't work when it comes to updating anyways. As N1K said, just get the antivirus.

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Then, instead of use ESS, i should use EAV? And if i got Office 2010, i shouldn't need spam protection..Ok..

You should be fine with Office 2007 also, it also has a great anti-spam protection. Junk Filter is doing it's job properly for me.

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I have found a way to remove the firewall [COMPLETELY] from the ESET SS [4].

1.Toogle to Advanced View

2.Press F5

3.Expand Personal Firewall and Click on System Integration

4.Change System Integration to "Personal Firewall is completely disabled"

5.Click ok and restart computer

Thanks to ESET for a brilliant option!!!!!!

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