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Windows 7 7201


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I just installed that 7201 build, cant see any new features (maybe there are, still fiddling about with this build to see if there is anything new, which i doubt), so i guess they were just rumours.

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Improve】 【taskbar can now lock any program, before the lock can only be part of the procedure;

【ADD】 mouse to the icon on the taskbar, there are dynamic effects;

【Improve the "system" menu more easy to operate;

【Aero Diamond );

【ADD】 new Aero Diamond theme (not just change the maximize, minimize and close buttons);

【ADD】 "personality" of settings you can change the login screen in the background;

Aero Glass

【ADD】 Right menu by adding the effect of Aero Glass;

【Improve】 【default folder color has been changed from the early light blue;

System Performance 【ADD】 support one-click upload photos, documents, video and so on, is to support the Image Shack and Facebook; (right-click the file and click "Upload", it will automatically be uploaded to your designated site, after the completion of show the link.) System Performance

NTFS WinFS ; NTFS】 【improve WinFS has been replaced by (very early, but were bound by non-disclosure agreement);

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