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[Exclusive] IE8 Treasure Hunt: Find $10,000 and Keep It


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Microsoft Australia has announced a treasure hunting competition. The rules are very simple. They have buried $10,000 on a website, you'll need to find the amount and once you find it, you can keep it.

Remember! You'll need to use the latest Internet Explorer 8 to be able to participate in the competition.


How to participate:

1. Ditch the web browser you're using. If you try to find the $10,000 with your current browser, you'll get nowhere.

2. Download Microsoft's best ever browser, Internet Explorer 8. It's the only browser capable of cracking all the clues.

3. Follow @tengrand_IE8 on Twitter for the daily clues. Clues will be released at random times from Friday 19th June.

4. Use the clue and your brilliance to deduce where the $10,000 is hidden.

The competition will end on 17th September 2009.

Competition Link.

Source Link.


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