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Download New Bootscreens for Xp Sp3.

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Ok, Now It's time to have Some New Series of Bootscreens :-


I was very much bored with the Bootscreens available for Download for Xpsp3 and also with the Quality of Bootscreens (for Coloured one) in real system boot.

As you all know Xp has it's limitation of 16 colours for Bootscrren.

So i thought to make a new range of Bootscreens (by choosing best possible 16 colours) so it can have the same Quality (almost 95-98%) which you will see in Preview (Screenshots).

I hope You will all like it, Will try to make some more if get time and hoping you will also contribute here with your Favourite ones.

Note:- If anybody wants some changes Like in Starting text, Progress bar position, Logo, Let me know i will modify it and will send you the downloading link.


Instructions for Using on live install.


First create a new folder in c:\ named as boot (assuming xp is your c drive). and copy bootscreen made by me in that folder.

Now create another folder in c:\ named as backup and copy your original ntoskrnl.exe in that. It's for backup purpose.

Now Restart Xp and press F8 choose option 3. ie:- (Start windows with command prompt)

Now give the command in cmd (command prompt)

Type " copy c:\boot\ntoskrnl.exe c:\windows\system32 " (without the quotation marks) and type ENTER. If you typed correctly, should it appear the sentence to Substitute c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe? (Yes/No/All). Press the key A and type enter.

It will appear the sentence 1 file(s) copied(s).

Now you are enough Reboot WinXP and the operation will be concluded: type CTRL+ALT+DEL, go in the menu to Turn off (Shut Down) and choose to Restart (Restart)...

You will now see your new Bootscreen.

In case if you want your Original Bootscreen then

command is

" copy c:\boot\ntoskrnl.exe c:\windows\system32 " for " copy c:\backup\ntoskrnl.exe c:\windows\system32 " to recuperate the file original NTOSKRNL.EXE...

Ok Coming to main Point below is my first contribution it's not coloured one But a very good While booting.

Will try to post some Coloured Bootsceens as soon as possible.

Please Rename the downloaded file to Ntoskrnl.exe before replacing.

Aurora :-


auroramanikantt.jpgOr click this image for Fullscreenauroramanikant.th.png


Download Aurora_Bootscreen.


sizex.png2.20 Mb.

Those who don't want to use Live Install Method can use Tuneup Utilities.

Download Aurora_Bootscreen_For_Tuneup-Utilities.

More yet to come.



Link For Green_Ultimate_Bootscreen.

I asked you nicely to stop post large screenshots! I edited out the screenshot so now it is just a link and you have gotten an official warning for it... ~~ Kel ~~
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Ok My Second Bootscreens for those who are using Xptsp Green Edition or those who are using Green themes.

I hope you will like it.


greenultimatemani300x20.jpgOr Click this to see in full size. greenultimatemani.th.png


Download In Ntoskrnl Format.

Edit:- Will update the Link for Both Tuneup-Utilities and Ntoskrnl Version as soon as possible.

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Ok, Now Third Bootscreen.

I am Sure you will like it, as it looks Stunning while booting.

As i promised daily i will try to update many Bootscreens. If you like it let me know.



theinneryou300x200.pngOr Click this to View in Fullscreeninneryou.th.png



Enjoy!!! :D

Note :- Please Rename the file to Ntoskrnl.exe before Replacing.

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Seventh Bootscreen :-


innerpreviewmani.pngOr Click this Image. innermaniultimateref.th.png

This pack contains Preview of Two Final version screenshots+ Bootscreens (One with reflection & other simple.)+ Ntoskrnl.exe (for unattended disk) + Tuneup Utilities version.


Download Bootscreen.

sizex.png1.41 MB.

md5.png d56e74c16295464195d40eea8a689de2.

Enjoy!!! :thumbsup_anim:

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