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OMG micheal jackson is dead


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^ LOLMFAO! :D may the king of pop rest in peace...though... :(

Edit: Sorry but i'm still confused here, come on seriously is he really gone or? Some people said that it's a hoax...argh :crying_anim02:

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RIP Michael..

I really like his songs and he was a great singer and performer.

One thing bothers me. He changed his color to white and after that he made a song " Black or White " which has the following chorus:

I Said If

You're Thinkin' Of

Being My Baby

It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White

What the heck?

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MJ was a fantastic artist. He has made music unlike anyone has ever... still to this day. It's sad that he obviouslly had some mental issues later in life. :( I loved his music. I grew up with it. I suppose thats why I still appreciate what he made in the past. It's not our jobs to judge him. I hope he really didn't do anything like he was accused of. But really... what true parent would leave their kids at someones house like that? Someone who definately had mental problems. Especially if he was accused of it even further in the past.

RIP MJ! :crying_anim02:

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