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Glass CMD for XP


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Glass CMD for XP

after the release of Glass CMD for Vista/7, some of my friends on dA asked

me to make one for XP, so here it is



Mohamed Kamal

Requirments :

Needs at Least .Net Framework 3.5 : Here

Updates :

not too much just updated the look and enabled the right click menu, adjusted scroll bar and the blur edges, increased the width, with some other improvements

Download :

From dA : Here

Original Idea and Vision for Vista By fediaFedia : Here

Edited by komalo
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Thats super cool, even in this early stage.


HEY it sort of works in Vista too.

Needs a close button and could use transparency but its REALLY promising.

well it is a custom blur in vb.net so it will work on 7 or vista without aero.

Thanks i will start to add some buttons.

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Nice, faved it

Thanks :)

Nice. Can't wait to see it finished.

Thank you :)

Awesome work again Komalo, looks very promising, also can't wait for the next update/final version Bro :thumbsup_anim:

Thanks :)

I may release a second version today or tomorrow

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