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Windows 7 says I have 3 but only 2.75 GB of ram are usable


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well i remember i read that it's 32 bit limitation

that 32 doesn't read all the ram when it's 3 giga or higher

so if you are more than 3 go to 64 bit it should work fine

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3.25 is the 32 bit limit.

well not always 32 bit should read the almost the 4 giga as it's limit is 4

but look at this link

well i don't know what is the problem but the most thing that is in common that it's a 32 bit limit

edit :

i also read that the sound some times takes from the memory

that is one that have a shared vga and 4 giga memory


-.5 Graphics

= 3.0

- .25 for sound, and other add-on cards gives

= 2.75

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If you want to see a breakdown of memory usage, run resmon (Resource Monitor). As of RC1 it breaks down where all of your installed memory is allocated, even showing what is taken by hardware.

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I have installed Windows 7 RTM on my laptop with 4gb of RAM and I think it displays a little more than 3.25 as available (still not the whole 4gb)...

I'm also thinking about migrating to x64 when I buy my copy of Win7 for the desktop.

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Yes, that is because 32-bit systems cannot allocate whole 4GB. You can use the PAE switch in your boot.ini file but that's not a lucky solution either.

As you said, the best way would be to go with 64-bit version.

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