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New Windows Alternative OS by Tmax software.


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A korean company TMax Softwares(I guess u have not heard this name before) is developing its own OS since last two years which will be launched this november. It claims to run all the windows software and some Unix softwares too and is cheaper than windows.

The Name of this OS is TMX Window.

Here are the links:




Tell me what you think about it.

According to one of the developer they have developed it from scrap and used codes & kernels of Linux and BSD. And in no way use windows source code.

They are saying this to be more powerful than WineHQ. And they have also developed their own office application and browser.

Question is can this be real challenge for Microsoft ?

Since their name is similar to Microsoft Windows they may have to visit court :P

This will be definitely tested by me after it's release.

Official page


Article about tmax Window


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Guest snakecracker

Lol All they have done is got hold of XP then changed it about! (Well thats what it looks like!)

I won't get that.... Thats just :censored: :type:

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i'm more interested in the hot korean girls in that advertisement picture in the link

where where :P

seems a modified windows xp version

not a big deal unless it have something that i can't say no for it

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Lol. Or just use (full modded & tweaked) Windows Xp back instead, still the best MS-based OS ever for me so far, in most aspects etc (even after trying Seven RC). But again it's just me, my personal opinion here hehe :P

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