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[Tool] Windows Live Essential Addon Maker V 3.5.2

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well about windows xp support

i manged to get all the installation files ported to xp

but got this error message


so xp support is out

but still trying to get a workaround this problem

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For the Upcoming version 3.6

this will be the latest version before Wave 4 hits on March

this version will have a few fixes for some error in some strings (Nothin serious)

also if you have the full 138 MB the addon maker will work differently

using only exe file + Commands

like this

/q /NOToolbarCEIP /NOhomepage /Nolaunch /nosearch /AppSelect:Installer,Messenger,Mail,PhotoGallery

and for the Msg Plus

there will be a new addon that have a tutorial on how to add a skin etc .. to it

as making an addon maker of it will require tooo much hard work than it's needed

it will only have a file you add to it

if any one wants any further needs post it in here the version should be ready in a week

or less if i had the time i will be free starting from the next Saturday

so until that i will hear your ideas

thx and i hope you enjoy my tool

Where is version 3.6?

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Where is version 3.6?

well i have not been having time lately to work on anything

and i'm having some problems in my laptop

so about 3.6 i never had the time to complete it back then

i made a small msg plus addon but never put it into test for skin

so never had time to make a script for it

if i have time i might do some work in here and maybe do the 3.6 version but for now

every thing is suspended sorry :sweatingbullets:

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