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What Language i should learn


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well hi every one

i'm thinking in learning a language this days

but i can't think which one

i used to know some about c++ and c

so what do you think i should give a try

and what book should i buy to learn that language

i just want a language that is good and used this days

any idea would be appreciated

and thx

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.net seems to be the new trend. But it is heavy stuff though..

well i found a book about c#.net

i'm planning to buy it and try to learn it my self

it gonna be hard but i gonna try it <<nothin is easy

but first i need to finish the car license so i can get more free time

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I've been looking into this a bit myself. I've come to the following conclusions.

1) Javascript, only widespread in webpages.

2) Java, clunky, non-standard GUI. :(

3) Python, excellent & powerful code. Done correctly, cross-platform. Major negative=no easy way to compile an .exe.

4) C++, The standard! Nearly all major apps are built with it. Combined with the GUI builder Qt, it's awesome. Major negative=difficult to learn

5) C#, M$'s 'improvement' on C++. IIRC, you can only develop with it in Visual Studio.

6) .NET, M$ proprietary code. Only cross-platform if you develop in linux using 'Mono'. Heavy dependency for users to install .NET.

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well for now i'm reading about autoit

it's cool for now until i get some C# books and some extreme free time

thx for every one post and have a good time

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turbo pascal!

(if anyone remembers that you get a gold star)


I had Turbo Pascal 5.5 (with Object Oriented Programming). It came on many 5.25" floppies with three fat manuals. And it ran from DOS! Fun days, indeed. :)

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Depends on what you want to do. For scripting, app-deployment, Active Directory and that kind of stuff: Visual Basic. For programming real applications: C, C++ or even C#. Edit: And for web development, I'd go LAMP: Apache, MySQL + PHP.

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I think python would be nice. It's an interpreter rather than a compiler language like c,c++. You may use python for prototyping purpose for quick developing. I have been coding, scripting scientific programs with fortran,matlab mathematica,r,c for a time but I have switched to python and I recommend you to use it.

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