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KDE se7en Patcher


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Good evening lads, i now announce KDE se7en Patcher, my infamous KDE Vista Patcher heavily customized and updated now made for Windows 7.

As my previous version is based upon the Vize 1 source code customized and updated in many cases.

The Patcher is compatible with all versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, some bugs found in the Vize code are corrected and no problems have found so far.

The current version is:

KDE se7en Patcher 1.08 [build 4.3] Final

where 1=the major version of the application, 08=the month of release, the current is august(08) and [Build]=the KDE 4 build from where i gathered my resources, current is KDE 4.3


Initial Version

Added over a hundred of new resources

Patches now over 390 icon and bitmap resources

Updated application code to be compatible with Windows 7

Updated resources, removed obsolete resources

Added 190 official KDE Wallpapers in various resolutions

Updated application UI

Updated installer, added option for Normal and Widescreen Wallpapers

note: Windows 32bit only, 64bit support on its way. :)

For more information and screenshot visit KDE se7en's Patcher official Blog:





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Now Announcing: Accepting requests!

If you like to change a specific resource that hasn't changed yet, or a third party application then make your request here!

A request must have screenshot of the old resource that want's to bechanged so i can find the specific file. If you know in what file it isit would be very helpfull if you provided the resource filename as well.

Go on, lets make some requests!

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Fix: Corrected problem when patching 7zip 9.05 beta, now it will patch all verisions of 7zip.

New: Added KDE 4 Login sceen

New: Added KDE 4 Startup sound

New: Added devmng.dll resources

New: Added blue task manager

New: Added msi.dll resources

Misc: Minor additions or changes

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what is the difference between full and lite versions?

Note: Full version contains wallpapers

that the difference not a big one anyway

gonna test the new version now

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oops. i must have missed that part about one of them containing wallpaper and one of them not :P

edit: but the file size is pretty different. lite version is 14mb, full version is 64mb :o

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