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How much music you got on your computer?


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It wasn't exactly necessary to post all those pictures :lol:

Theres a much easier way, goto a command prompt and browse to your music folder (root of it) and type the following command:

tree >x:\filename.txt

Where x:\filename.txt is the complete path to the text file you wish to make.

Theres some cleanup in the text file, but its easily fixed with the search + replace command :)

And I just checked my music, now I'm at 3305 songs, 16gb (Did some cleaning up, and re-coding of audio cds)

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I have 26.7 GB of music. 5,562 songs. Lots of oldies and classic rock. It's all pretty nicely sorted into Complete LPs and Complete Playlists. The remarkable thing is I actually burned everything to to playable CDs. (I'm a safety kinda guy.) I also have everything burned to data DVDs.

Movies, I have about a gazillion. I converted and burned about four hundred movies to playable DVDs. Then I got a 500GB hardrive for movies I keep on the hardrive. I burn those to data DVDs five or six at a time. I had, for about two days, a home DVD player that plays AVI files. I returned it because it was a piece of junk, but I have intentions of getting a better one in the near future.

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