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FrontMotion Login - Animated XP Welcome Screen


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FrontMotion Login is the next generation logon interface for Windows NT, 2000 and Windows XP. It goes beyond the normal Microsoft Windows logon and offers more interactivity and functionality through the use of Macromedia Flash and our custom logon implementation (gina). No DLL hacking is needed and no system files are replaced.




* User reconfigurable logon interface

* Interactive Macromedia Flash Themes

* Remote Desktop support in Windows XP and Terminal Services support.

* Fast User Switching support in Windows XP (Standalone and Domain Mode)

* Configurable Windows 2000 or Windows XP security behavior (Runs Task Manager on Ctrl-Alt-Del)

* Screen Rotation support

* Windows XP Password Reset Wizard support.

* No DLL hacking required. Safe even after Service Pack upgrades.

* Built-in 'recovery mode'.


* System Branding

* Combine with Flash Remoting to present dynamic information

Active Directory Support

* MSI remote deployment using AD

* Security Policy (GPO) support

* User setting override


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/qn should work fine.

WorkInG 100%

and thanks man :thumbsup_anim:

but when setup finished (less than 6second)

my pc restart

so , my question is

if i integrate it with my unattended win-xp 0f course the program will be installed when the setup 0f windows work so my question eXactly is

my pc will restart 0r n0t :)

& thxs again


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