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win 7 dvd


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Hi all,

Thank you very much for reading my post..

I have been using win 7 since its beta release , its a great OS... i had burned the win7 ISO downloaded from MS website on an DVD R/W and that is the only copy i have with me..

the problem i am facing is that i am not able to make another copy of this DVD (as the R/W has several scratches on it)

Whenever I try to do so it stops giving an error.

Burning utilities used: Nero 7 , 8 and ImgBurn

OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

PC: Dell Studio 1555

DVD brands I tried: Sony , Toshiba, Moser Baer

Also the DVD Drive is functioning normally and i am able to write DVD/ CD .

Thanks for your help

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Jatti, Can't you just download the RTM again and reburn to a DVD-r (not r/w)? Didn't you keep a copy of the .iso?

Your other option is to clean the scratched disc. As long as the scratches don't reach the dye layer, the plastic outer layer can be polished. I've fixed several scratched discs using normal toothpaste as an abrasive (don't laugh! It works.)

Yea I can relate, I had two DVD RW's and they finally gave out...where I live I cant for the life of me find another dvd rw for sale to save my life

Rick, do you need the drive itself or DVD/RW discs? ;)

PM me.

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guys,why dont u use a usb key? there is litteraly tons of info on the web:




just to name a few.(yeah i know this dosent give you back ure damaged disc)

i myself havint done it that way cause ive ben able to do it in a snap with ultraiso.


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