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[How To] Change Windows 7 Logon Screen Easily


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How To Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

Here's how to do it manually

Its is always nice to know how things work behind the scenes, what better way to do so then try them out yourself. To change the logon screen manually follow these steps:

Run the registry editor (Win Key + R and then type regedit, press enter)

Navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background , double click on key named OEMBackground and change its value to 1 (If you cannot find the path or the key go ahead and create it, remember OEMBackground is a Dword)


You just enabled the OEM Background functionality. Now browse to the folder %windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds within Windows explorer. %windir% refers to your Windows install directory C:\Windows in most systems. Again the folder path may not exist already, so you can go ahead and create required folders (info and backgrounds are generally not present)


Now put in any JPG file with size less than 256 kb in this folder and rename it to backgroundDefault.jpg. This file will be stretched to fit the screen, so you would want it to match the resolution of your screen so that image doesn



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(Pre-installation) Was wondering if you could load the registry and add the registry entries and then mount the wim file and add the logon screens so that on first use this would would change the default logon screen?


see this topic

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In C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\ save your favorite jpg and name it Wallpaper.jpg. Then in file Aero.theme or any *.theme add or edit this line "



DisplayName=Verdesh SteelFlash or your theme name


SetLogonBackground=1 With 1 your logon screen will be your Wallpaper.jpg.


Cheers :-)

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