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Hello all


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Thank you guys. Oh, I do have a collection of switchless installers/addons up over at Ryan's place. Some things might be of interest, because they're all build upon the request of RVM members. ;)

Do we have a new addon-maker on WinCert.net ;) You're welcome to share your work/posts here anytime bud. Before, please check this topic to see how add-ons are posted here (picture, description, download links, md5, etc) :)

Welcome again.

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Thanks for the info N1K, I'll check the topic. :)

Edit1: I've seen the rules. Don't worry, I don't release stuff that violates the rules.

Edit2: This is an extract from the rules section of my Request thread over at Ryan's place (I paste it here, because only RVM members can view the topic).

The Rules

- No warez or other illegal material!

- No huge 100MB+ apps (I simply don’t have the upload space nor upload speed).

- Must not be (nor contain any) rogue-, spy- or malware.

- If the app contains crap like toolbars, I will remove it for you.

- Must not be released by others (like the already mentioned example members).

- I’ll provide you with the details (and/or tools) if you want to maintain it yourself in the future (if you don't know how to do it yourself).

- When I built your request, please provide feedback, so the community benefits.

- No custom Update Packs, there are enough of them already.

- I'm testing on/releasing for Windows XP/SP3 32- and/or 64 bit (maybe Windows 7 in the near future). However, if the vendor states it works on platform X/Y/Z, my installers will - most likely - do as well.

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