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bittorrent is not safe to use ?


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I read in internet that bittorrent is not safe to use. it have these explanation why bittorrent is not safe.

Bitcomet is double packed by the packer commonly known as the Aspack with it's CRC been packed independently by morphine! Now once you have it's binaries in the memory; the virri code expands itself and begins to open the socket sending the TCP_ACK and TCP_SYN packets! aaw! now one may think that would be the regular action of a torrent! Sending and Receiving the independent datagrams are done in default by any of the applets that are web-synchronized! Now what seems interesting is the port that opens while the normal torrent does play and the port that is open if your system has been infested by the trojan! Chesus! these are evil; aren't they..?

So is bitorrent unsafe to use ? or it just some false alarm. i have been using it about a year i haven't got any virus nor got hacked.

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well nothing is pure safe

using torrent is a bit risky

if you put every thing in that way

then anything get connected to the net is dangerous

like when use windows update

it might have an open port

so just put a good antivirus

or don't use any torrent unless you are sure it's safe

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