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Help with my laptop.. i'm really doomed!


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ok here's what happened.. i wanted to delete a partition and it my laptop was stuck.. so i had to reboot. when i reboot the other partition was not recognised! it says other..and the files in that partition was deleted. i dunno what happened.. but thats not the problem. it's ok now i just deleted the partition..

the problem is, i have an external cd-rom, a usb cd-rom.. now, when i had the 1st problem above i got this 2nd problem.. my cd-rom is not in my computer.. you know, like the other hard drives.. when you open my computer and you will see your local disk, cd-rom drive.. my cd-rom drive was not there! although when i opened the device manager, the cd-rom was there.. it says DVD/CD-RW.. but it's not in my computer..

what is the problem? and also, when i insert a disk, it doesnt start the setup.. because i want to install something.. does it have to do with the changes in the drive letters thats why it doesnt put any drive letter in my computer? grrr! i was so upset now.. if someone can help please help...

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