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Windows XP Mode & Virtual Pc For Windows 7

Jatin Beniwal

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Guest snakecracker

well with windows xp mode you need Intel-V without that you can't run xp mode.

I tried myself on windows 7 and it won't let me due to not having the Intel-V with my cpu (Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200) for you to have this you NEED Intel-V (Intel

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I have Virtualization on my AMD, but I didn't care for Virtual PC. I will stick with VMware for now, but maybe I will check it out since it's out of beta.

well the only thing i liked in Microsoft this year

that there beta had a few issues

not like back days using a beta meaning you are risking getting your windows blown or something

so i think it's worth a try

even if you don't like the idea

just 12 days and the final build would hit the market

if you want to wait

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