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[request]symantec antivirus corporate edition


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hi i was making addons for my teacher and i got all the program he wanted to work but this is the only one i failed on :thumbsdown_anim: everytime i open its shortcut i get a missing file error.If possible can anyone make one that i can you with nlite to slipstream to a windows xp disc?

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Wow, that's bold asking someone to provide you with warez. :(

No-one in their right mind would post a link to warez here.

To install SAV silently, use: setup.exe /S /v/qb

Must be installed at/after RunOnceEx.

just wondering how was that bold? whats a warez anyway lol. Well i dont use crack programs if that what it meant cause all these are bought legit :thumbsup_anim:

and i lost you after the "To install SAV silently, use:" :crying_anim02:

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If you don't know what install switches are, then you have no business building installer addons for your school/teacher/anyone else.

And Kels is right, distributing software is illegal unless the EULA expressly authorizes distribution.

lol okO_O........... could have just said what kel said :( :sweatingbullets:

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