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Please help with setting a WiFi :D


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Hello everybody, now i have problems with Wireless Connection set-up.

I have Realtek RTL8187B with latest (Win7 compatible) drivers

Windows 7 of course

Problem :help:

Of course i tried EVERYTHING:

1.Firstly i tried to do the easiest thing --> Went to Network and Sharing Center -> Create a Connection or Network -> Ad-Hoc -> WEP -> ICS(ON)

Tried the connection - Nothing !! :thumbsdown_anim: : N95 said: NO GATEWAY REPLY

1.1: That's right- No Default Gateway!.. It's blank on ipconfig /all and on RTL8187 configuration ( Wireless network Connection)

2. I even tried Connectify :google_lt: - Nothing too : I made an ad-hoc connection and ICS too(because AP-Mode is off in RTL8187 <_< ) but anyway, Internet dont work in N95 + No gateway

2.1 Ipconfig /all display everything except the Default Gateway and DNS....

I think, problem in the Windows7 OS... All was Working under XP and Vista..Linux too :rolleyes: .. So what should i do... Problem is really annoying, because i updating my Ovi Maps content every day.. Sometimes surfing the net... But now its just down!

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