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DVD Decrypter


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DVD Decrypter



DVD Decrypter is a software application that can create backup disc images of the DVD-Video structure of DVDs.

It can be used to image any DVD, but controversially it is especially useful for decrypting copy-protected

movies. The program can also burn images to disc. CSS decrypting software (such as DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD)

allows a region-specific DVD to be copied as an all-region DVD. It also removes Macrovision,

Content Scrambling System (CSS), region codes, and user operation prohibition.


Addon Release Date: July 30, 2011

Shortcuts created in: DVD Decrypter Folder

Uninstallable: Yes

Credit: *Reaper*



8ab06b323d76b40943430d4a6d7bce042254ce0c20a571ffa5d78ae82c33cdac6g.jpg 812 kb

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Addon Release Date: July 30, 2011


Could that be because the addon has not been updated or mentioned in 2 years?????


You might not be aware that the program hasnt been updated in 2 years or more (author explained why) but its still a darn useful program. Only posted in case someone had the addon and could repost it...

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