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Runtime Error 429


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Hey guys,

I'm not sure what caused this, either a software or a hardware problem, I am not sure yet.

Today I had to replace my CPU fan and I got all back together and when I started it came up with the Windows 7 error recovery thing and it said to do a system restore and I didn't want to and when I rebooted windows started up fine and when I logged into Windows this was the first screen that came up "Runtime Error 429 - ActiveX component can't create object"

I thought maybe it was caused by a program that I had installed last night to rename a ton of images, I know this because when I used it, the program crashed and came up with a runtime error, but it was a different number. I don't remember what it was.

But I haven't restarted my computer for weeks until today.

I looked around everywhere's, most of them say office or visual basic, but theres happens when they start those programs up. Mine happens when windows start and I can't find any detailed information about it.

So hopefully someone can help and we can figure this out.

Thanks guys.

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