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I have a issue connecting to wireless networks.


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My friend has a HP Pavilion lappy and is having issues connecting to wireless networks. he nor I have a wireless router but we can find some wireless signals. I have been successful a couple times connecting to signals with 3 bars, but 2 bars there is no chance.

I have uninstalled and deleted the drivers, then reinstalled the drivers and still a no go. He has another lappy that has no problem connecting. If I add a USB dongle it has no issue connecting.

Any advise will be appreciated.


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Just maybe the wifi user saw you connected to his router and added your mac address to the blaclist (has yet to see your friends laptop or your dongle's mac addresses)

I don't think that is t he issue Rick. He can still connect from the Windows 7 interface, I am thinking that maybe the WLAN card maybe bad or weak, but I am not sure.

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