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Server upgrade!


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Dear members and guests.

Once again, we are asked to upgrade our server package, since SDX or semi-dedicated server is not adequate for our needs.

So, in the following days, expect to see the forum offline. Once your DNS propagation finishes, you will our forum back online with full availability.

This change should speed up the whole site, and give us a better experience in using our forums more efficiently .

However, this upgrade will raise the hosting expenses to $90/month, which is a big hit towards our hosting budget.

We kindly ask everyone who can donate, to help us in any way you can. We really appreciate any donations received.

Please follow the link below to choose your subscription package and help our community stay online.


For custom donation amounts please send me a PM.

Thanks for understanding.

We wish you a Happy New Year.

WinCert.net Administration Team

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Yes Rick,

You can check the server load at the bottom of each forum page.

I seriously doubt that our account is the cause of this, but they've been pushing us to a stronger server for some time now.

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Our host is still investigating cause of the high load issue.

I don't that we're causing this issues, but if we do, then we'd have to move to a stronger and possibly a dedicated server.

As for these messages, I've decided to limit the forum usage when the server load jumps to 10.0 I know it is frustrating, but you have to be patient.


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