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well i wanted to start a space for us to take about our selves

i will start

Name :Ahmed Ghorab

((Ghorab means crow)) yeah it's my curse :confused02:

Date of Birth 18/2/1991

I'm in Engineer college

I'm in computer and control section

my Hobbys

Playing Football - Reading - Computer - Taking naps - Cars :sweatingbullets:

here is what i been doing in the last few years



i think that is it

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Real Name: Troy Taylor (Yuck)

Preferred Name: Kelsenellenelvian EverDawn

Born: 1973\12\08

Lived in the U.S.A. All of my life

Served in the first Gulf war in the Navy. Now disabled (I am crazy)

I am married (16+years now) and have 3 kids, want one? I am trying to give them away :P

Spent a little time in jail.

FULLY self taught on PC's BOTH hardware and programming. Have a side business repairing and maintaining PC's (Brings in a little extra cash)

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I was looking for sth in forums.

I noticed this topic and ı thought that ı should make it live smile.gif

Because it is nice to know eachother more smile.gif


Real Name: Ömer Sefa USLU

Preferred Name: Sefa (Because many of my friends call me "Sefa")

Born: 1986/11/04

Hometown: Ankara/Turkey

I work and sametime I study 3rd class in university.(remote education just exams)

My hobbies are PC, PS3, Pc Games (Especially PES), Kickboxingaggressive.gif and body building weakbench.gif

That is all...

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Name: John Jackson

Born: 10/18/1979

Graduated: N.I.T. (Computer and Electronic Technology)

Employed by: MicroCenter (BYOS Department)

Children: (1) 8yr. daughter

Hobbies: PC gaming, PC building and repair, Overclocking, home remodeling (everything), car repair and performance

There is so much that can be said here. LOL

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