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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client & Extended FULL - 20100413

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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client & Extended FULL - 20100413

This is a multimode installer so you have access to the following switches:

-ai = Silent

-ai1 = Passive

/h = displays help

This package is uninstallable from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

The Multimode Installer should be installed from RunOnceEX and not from SVCPACK.

If you are not familiar with setting up RunOnceEX than you should download one of the Addons instead.

This package has the Client Profile and Extended

Link: dotNet40.exe

CRC-32: 03ec93af

MD4: d76c4d6373a8422760573d182f6440a5

MD5: 8cddbac1de11b8980d934ed63f3331a6

SHA-1: 1e486b55f650d3b6a8396bcf7355ce6050b412b7

Date: 20100413

OS: Windows XP SP3 (x86 & x64)

Size: 48.7 MB


Addon for RVMi 1.6 or higher.

Integrate this addon to run the installer at RunOnceEX.

There will be progress boxes but NO user interaction is required.

Passive mode is used since setup takes a while, this way you will know

where you are in the setup process. Final installation will take

place after OOBE and before Personalized settings occur.

Link: Addon_Microsoft.Net_4.0_ROE_20100413.7z

CRC-32: a53159f7

MD4: e81db31f12c9dc8e55cc1cefeea1b944

MD5: 7079365bdea24f389e7371fb3d41831d

SHA-1: d0a7cce40bb3505a027a60812945c09788c53f16

Date: 20100413

OS: Windows XP SP3 (x86 & x64)

Size: 49.3 MB


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